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Three-phase Electric Motor, single phase, diesel or petrol.
Filling time: *
* Cylinder filling time from 10 l-0/200 bar (cylinder filling measurement from 0 to 200 bar ± 5%) 6 min 20 sec.
Operating pressure:  232 – 300 – 330 bar
Net weight:  152kg – 335 Lbs.



  • Coltri’s SMART line of breathing air compressors are STANDARD line evolution.
  • The world’s best known and sold.
  • All models are equipped with two connections for high pressure hoses (from 232 to 330 bar).
  • Single-phase or three-phase electric motor, robust pumping units (MCH 11, MCH 13 or MCH 16 depending on the specific model) and a compact frame with handles, suitable for transport.
  • External refilling panels and an electrical display are available as optional extras.
  • With various automatic features including automatic condensate drainage and an autos top pressure gauge.
  • Capacity: 315 liters / minute
  • Working pressure: 232/300/330 bar. Available with INTernationale connection.
  • 200 or 300 bar DIN bottle connection.
  • Drive: 230 Volt – 50Hz / 230 Volt – 60Hz / 400 Volt – 50 Hz / 400 Volt – 60 Hz / 440 Volt – 60 Hz / 480 Volt – 60Hz

coltri mch 16 smart pressure circuit

1-Intake filter 2-Intake valve 1st stage 3-Outlet valve 1st stage 4-Cooling pipe 1st-2nd stage 5-Intake valve 2nd stage
6-Outlet valve 2nd stage 7-Safety valve 1st stage 8-1st stage pressure gauge 9-Cooling pipe 2nd/condensate separator LP 10-Condensate separator LP 11-Safety valve 2nd stage 12-2nd stage pressure gauge 13-Pipe separator/3rd stage
14-Intake valve 3rd stage 15-Outlet valve 3rd stage 16-Aftercooler 17-Condensate separator HP 18-Safety valve
19-Pressure gauge 20-Purifier filter 21-Pressure maintenance valve 22-Pressure switch 23-Flex hoses

coltri mch 16 smart machine part

1-Frame 2-Pressure gauge 3-Refill hoses connection 4-Condensate drain valves 5-Oil level gauge 6-Oil drain valves
7-Purifier filter 8-Motor 9-Compressor 10-Air filter 11-Condensate separator 12-1st stage 13-2nd stage 14-3rd stage
15-Crankcase 16-Oil filler plug 17-Safety valve 18-Maintenance valve 19-Cooling fan 20-Belt

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